Thursday, April 28, 2011

Degenerate from Los Angeles

Artist Bio

This Band was started up in the summer of 09 by Ex Mv Lead guitarist Dimy Villain. To pursue his metal influences else where. By joining up with some of L.A's best musicians including Milo from (ASV, El Estorbo, and Nothing to Prove) Gutter ex(Masked Villain and Pogo Brats) and new up-comer Kevin on vox. Until recent we were a 4 piece, Now Bubba the bum (the Masked Villains) has helped us fill in that extra bit of kick we need to this band. The desire for this band to continue where a bunch of Punk bands left off in the 80s. Leaving off their metal/punk fusion sound. This band will cover areas where the English Dogs left off, The Blood and have similar songs to the likes of Peligro Social, GBH, and A Global Threat.

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