Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worst Enemy from Los Angeles

Bio: Worst Enemy started in 2006 by original member Melvin Polanco and Lunchbox with ex members: Chato, Mikle and Jorge. recording the 1st demo "Fuckin' Demo" and playing shows through out Los Angeles. In 2007 Worst Enemy back in the studio to records "Punx Until We Die!" still playing many shows. in 2008 the band went through a year break... until 2009 Melvin reunited the band with new member Abel Cornejo to play drums. releasing "Just Fuckin' Pogo" and began to play again. until 2010 wen original member Andy Cornejo reunited with the band a playing rhythm until he will soon move on bass. headed back into the studio to record "To The Streets" began to play and tour through out southern California. Milo would soon join the band as the missing piece on rhythm.
WORST ENEMY hopes to continue its pogo nOi!se to a town near you for more years to come!


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