Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Antics from Fullerton

Hardcore/Punk band from Fullerton, CA.


Guitar- Zack
Drums- Redd
Bass- John
Vox- Tony


OFF! with Negative Approach, Big Business, and Bad Antics!!

Only 10 days away. Surely going to make an awesome show.

OFF! with Negative Approach, Big Business, and Bad Antics

6126 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 The Fonda Theatre is located in Hollywood, CA on historic Hollywood Blvd. Just off of the 101 FWY between Gower St. and El Centro St.

OFF! Official!

Dawn of Eternity from Anaheim

Dawn of Eternity is a band hailing from Anaheim, Ca. With the intent to bring real music, raw power and a message not heard before within the local scene


Eddie Corona - Guitars/vocals
Mike Basquez - Drums/vocals
Javier Quinto- Bass


xSWAMPx from Orange County

Female/male fronted band straight out of the heart of Orange County.

OC HXC Powerviolence!!


Karina & Machete- Vocals
Hector- Bass
Ernie- Drums
Steve- Guitar


PRB 2013 in Las Vegas

'Punk Rock Bowling was started back in 1999 as a way to bring the independent music community together for an annual party. It has since grown into a 3 day festival in downtown Las Vegas that brings out fans and bands alike from all over the world.


Make no mistake, this is a PUNK ROCK festival and we feature some of the best bands over the past 35+ years, from the old school pioneers and classics to mainstays and up and comers. The brothers Stern have been heavily involved in the PUNK ROCK community since the late ’70′s and spend countless hours scouring their record collections, memories and abilities to reach out to old friends and new to put together an amazing line-up every year. This is a 3 day outdoor festival starting in the afternoon and features 9 great bands each day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday celebrated with 5,000 of your close personal punk rock friends and many new lifelong friends to be made. And if that’s not enough, their will be 4 late night club shows each night in smaller more intimate surroundings featuring more great bands as well as some special surprises. All in all, over 60 bands will perform throughout the weekend.'

-Punk Rock Bowling

POOP from Orange County

POOP, part of a complete childhood... a childhood that has no end. LOUD! LOUD! Hear it and feel it… the sound of rebellion and wild animals. Untamed, set free and raging. Rock ‘n' roll motherfuckers. Real loud! Shellshock LOUD! It might take your head off kind of loud. Pump your heart right into yer throat kind of loud. Hear it. See it. Feel it. Taste it kind of loud that is all too crazy, too fucked up and primal that only screaming and howling - pouring more noise onto ground zero is the only thing that feels close to being right.



Monday, January 28, 2013

Störta from San Diego

Raw Punk band out of San Diego. Formed in late August 2012. Trying to salvage what's left of the San Diego punk scene.


Kanek- /DRUMS


Not Alive from San Diego

San Diego Hardcore





Force Fed from Anaheim

Force Fed started back in the summer of 2008 under a number of different names, only to change their name to Against You. From that point on the band began playing shows around Anaheim. Kicking out their drummer and with just one day before a show at the Riff Haus they asked their friend Adam play drums for them.With Adam on drums and Nick on bass, the band had come full circle. Against You decided that it was time to start fresh so they had a last show that literally ended with a bang(Gang members are so much fun). Founding members Jose and Ethan decided to rename the band Force Fed after a song by one of their favorite bands, Monster Squad. They have self released a 4 track EP titled, This Is War, and are churning out good ol' punk rock that is infused with many different styles of music.


Hoy Pinoy from Duarte



Jamo - Vocals/Guitar

Matt - Vocals/Bass
Jon - Drums


CANCERxPATIENT from Los Angeles

Three piece bass&drum experimental noiseviolence from the part of LA where people get dealt with. Burning through sound barriers to make people fight.


Mike - Bass/Guitar/Feedback/Vocals
Kenneth - Blast Beats/Tough Guy 
Felix - Noise/Vocals/Chronic



Drinking Class Heroes from Anaheim

Starting in MAY of 09 and once known as Sociedad Podrida, Drinking Class Heroes are from Orange County, California. They play Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist Oi! for the Punks and Skinheads and drink a lot of beer. Thats all you need to know!!


Gomas - Vocals  
Bobby - Guitar 
Tyler - Bass  
Joe Mumbles- Drums



Cringe from Fullerton

We're available for funerals, childrens partys, bar mitzvahs, weddings, divorces, and family reunions.
Powergrind from OC.


Jacob martinez on drums
Axel valencia on vocals
Jon martinez on bass
Kevin Castro on guitar


PxBxS from Cypress

PxBxS, which stands for Pipe Bomb Suppository, is a powerviolence band that hails from Cypress, CA.
We are PxBxS. Punk from the best coast. die.



Phobia from Orange

Phobia are an anarcho grindcore band formed in Orange County, California (USA) in 1990. They mix hardcore punk with an early grind sound. Phobia has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as Chaos UK, Grave, Napalm Death, Detestation, Neurosis, Deicide, Final Conflict, Corrupted, Assuck, Spazz, Exhumed, Immolation, Disassociate, Darkest Hour, and Mayhem. They released their albums on such labels as Willowtip and Relapse.

They released their debut Means Of Existence in 1998 on Slap-a-Ham Records, before that having put out a demo, three EPs and a split with Plutocracy. Four more full-lengths followed on (Serenity Through PainGrind Your Fucking Head InCruel and 22 Random Acts Of Violence) as well as two EPs and an amount of splits. Members of bands such as Exhumed, Impaled and Kill The Client have been members of Phobia as well.

Their new EP Unrelenting is out November 23, 2010.

- Metalstorm.net


Shane The Pain
CC Grind
Calum MacKenzie 
Bryan Fajardo 
Dorian Rainwater



Aggrossault from Anaheim

Getting their start in October of 2011, Aggrossault embarked on their journey for total world domination. Since then, they have released multiple demos, most notably the "Heavy Metal Storm" demo, which included some of their most diverse songs. Musically, they played more of an aggressive, raw thrash metal style when they first started, but overtime, the songs got more complex, and more influences added to the writing process. Their lyrics range all over the board, from personal experiences, to apocalyptic havoc, and even conquering the universe. No matter what, Aggrossault always gives it 666% when it comes to playing shows; stage presence is key to them. No one knows where they will end up yet, but what is known is that Aggrossault will never stop until they've reached the top of the food chain.


Thor - Lead Guitars/Lead Vocals
Eric Hernandez - Lead Guitars
William Avalos - Bass/Vocals
Ricardo Avalos - Drums

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