Saturday, May 14, 2011

MBD from Costa Mesa

This Whole band was formed by 2 idiots Andy and Carlos aka "Wheaties".They both decided one day to put their bands together and thats what made "Mental BreakDown" They were 6 of them now 4 but when they had their very first practice in Andy's small pool house in Nov/07/08 they sounded worser than shit.Shit sounded better then them but they didn't they didn't give a fuck they loved to play.Over the year the picked up they sound,Playing shows they would never think of playing with and til this day they are still doing what they love best Jamming and thats it. "We are very out of control ,crazy,and fast!!!!!! we're all still in high school and we all love punk we play how we play and thats that and we will never change" - M.B.D

MBD is:

                                                                                Wheaties - Lead Guitar/Vocals
                                                                          Andy - Bass/Vocals
                                                                           Goodwin - Drums/Vocals


Listen Here:

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