Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Bitchfits from Hollywood

"Halloween night in the year 2077, a cemetery in the small town of Lodi, New Jersey experienced a strange radioactive meteor shower that would forever change the lives of four innocent little girls......... ^V^
As radiation penetrates the ground, the earth begins to glow green and tremble and shake. Caskets bursting out of the ground and bodies reanimated begin to fall in line, when out of their tombs rise the original members of the greatest horror punk band of all time, the Misfits!!!
That night the torch was past to those four most loyalist of fans, Gwenn Standzbig, Cherry Blowme, Goyle Von Wolfbang, and Robosie! They made a pact that night as that cemetery rose into the sky, with bodies and coffins falling to the earth crushing passers by, to move to Hollywood and carry on the legacy as the "World Famous Queens of Horror" now known as The BITCHFITS !!!

Gwenn Standzbig - Vox
Cherry Blowme - Bass
Goyle Wolfbang Von Frankenhooker - Guitar
Robosie - Drums

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