Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Krapsmere from San Diego

The scumfuck all stars of North County San Diego. Krapsmere is a mesh of assholes that have been playing in bands in North County, San Diego & LA featuring members Bono on drums (Rotten Scaliwag & The Low Lifes, Rumble With The Socs & The Approaching), Marco Suave (Tres Borrachos Locos, La Onda), Ian Fretz (some guy from vegas, Rumble With The Socs), Jose/Goggles Apeste (Apeste) & Eric Wreckless (Tres Borrachos Locos, The Turnoffs). They play their own style of drunk street punk rock. They have released one cd ep "Three Shits To The Wind"


Ryan Bono Lowlife/drums,
 Iann Fretz/bass, 
Jose Goggles Apeste/guitar,
 Eric Wreckless/Guitar
 Marvelous Marco Suave/ Vocals.


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