Thursday, June 23, 2011

Resist and Exist from Los Angeles

I am the abandoned spawn of invention, suckling at the breast of technology. In a corporate science fiction sumulacrum, my heritage has been evaporated into a mist I cannot grasp. I am crashing the winshield of reality into the abyss of existencial abandon and political delirium. I see in my video eyes, undocumented souls in a countdown for state execution. I, the reflection of what you want to see in me, the target of your premeditated violence, the model token, the educated alien, The victim of your forked tongue, crucifying demon stretching out my limbs to touch the edge of a world filled with underground racism and political hatred. My life has no redemption value for your bigotry. You filthify my existence by making me the axis for your woes. We, the raw genetic mutation of global assimilation, surviving the ideological chlorine of a brainwash. We, the catalist, the synthesizers, refusing to isolate our brains from our souls, our hearts, from our genitals, our dreams from the worlds. We resist fragmentation, deconstruction, alienation. We the burning montage of memories and dreams living in a cold shadows, shuffling along the crust of civilization. We have below zero identities, in an apocalyric countdown. We mutate, we change, we transform, breathe in and out. Resincarnating from womb to womb, shape by the forces of life, we blink between centuries, photocopying ourselves. Our presense is an illusion of our sense swimming against the collective stream of conciousness.

Bass - Jen, Guitar - Chris, 2nd Guitar - Isaac, Drums - Cam, Vocals - Jang and guest vocals Tricia

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