Friday, August 19, 2011

Holokaust from Riverside

Formed In 1999 in Riverside Ca.
By (Me)Ruben Olivas,Jason Z & Randy Skott,out of sheer boredom, also no one was playing the type of music we liked,the established Riverside scene was nothing but Nofx & Lagwagon clones.
i was heavily inspired by the UK peace punk movement of the early 80s.Jason and Randy departed a few months later.they were replaced with Rawbert Samuel an...d Brian Machain this was the line up that recorded all our releases and preformed countless shows on the west coast and Nevada,Jimmy Alvarado from Resist And Exist briefly joined the band. in 2008 Rawbert and Brian left the band.they were replaced by Jason Hernandez and Reed Cunningham, both members were married with children and it was very difficult to do the late 2010 Reed replaced with Daniel Gonzales and Ricky Chavez from Alternate System

Ruben Olivas-Guitar/Vocals
Jason Hernandez-Guitar
Ricky Chavez-Bass/Vocals
Daniel Gonzales-Drums

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