Monday, January 28, 2013

Aggrossault from Anaheim

Getting their start in October of 2011, Aggrossault embarked on their journey for total world domination. Since then, they have released multiple demos, most notably the "Heavy Metal Storm" demo, which included some of their most diverse songs. Musically, they played more of an aggressive, raw thrash metal style when they first started, but overtime, the songs got more complex, and more influences added to the writing process. Their lyrics range all over the board, from personal experiences, to apocalyptic havoc, and even conquering the universe. No matter what, Aggrossault always gives it 666% when it comes to playing shows; stage presence is key to them. No one knows where they will end up yet, but what is known is that Aggrossault will never stop until they've reached the top of the food chain.


Thor - Lead Guitars/Lead Vocals
Eric Hernandez - Lead Guitars
William Avalos - Bass/Vocals
Ricardo Avalos - Drums


  1. Holy shit! Thanks for helping us spread the word!

  2. No Problemo dude. Spread the word of this site!


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