Monday, January 28, 2013

Phobia from Orange

Phobia are an anarcho grindcore band formed in Orange County, California (USA) in 1990. They mix hardcore punk with an early grind sound. Phobia has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as Chaos UK, Grave, Napalm Death, Detestation, Neurosis, Deicide, Final Conflict, Corrupted, Assuck, Spazz, Exhumed, Immolation, Disassociate, Darkest Hour, and Mayhem. They released their albums on such labels as Willowtip and Relapse.

They released their debut Means Of Existence in 1998 on Slap-a-Ham Records, before that having put out a demo, three EPs and a split with Plutocracy. Four more full-lengths followed on (Serenity Through PainGrind Your Fucking Head InCruel and 22 Random Acts Of Violence) as well as two EPs and an amount of splits. Members of bands such as Exhumed, Impaled and Kill The Client have been members of Phobia as well.

Their new EP Unrelenting is out November 23, 2010.



Shane The Pain
CC Grind
Calum MacKenzie 
Bryan Fajardo 
Dorian Rainwater



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