Friday, February 8, 2013

Bumbklaatt from Chula Vista

Bumbklaatt is the strongest insult in the Portuguese language. Bumbklaatt is a TJ/SD punk band that´s been holding it down and keeping it real for way over a decade, playing and setting up the best shows on both sides of the border. Whether in a gutted squat in Tijuana or a back yard in Chula Vista, this band´s impassioned live performances are not to be missed. Bumbklaatt is the strongest word in the TJ or SD punk scene. With the original lineup reconvened they´ve burned through 2012, finally touring on their latest and most brutal release: Luctus. This band tears through any stage like a bat out of hell. Loud, abrassive, sleek, blacker than black, and out for your blood




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