Friday, February 8, 2013

Section 242 from San Bernardino

Section 242 has been around for while it used to be called Assault and Battery. It was a promotion group started in 1999 of friends that wanted to get their bands heard. The bands were Scois Evil Boys, The Retards, CCD, and many other short lived bands. We had all decided to help each other out and start a movement of underground punk rock bands uniting to bring the scene together in the Inland Empire. Many bands have come and gone but only few of the musicians have still kept the dream alive. Section 242 is some of those last remaining members of bands that are no longer around due to drugs, alcohol, amongst things. Vic the Prick has been playing since 1994 in such bands as Vaporized, Nite Breed, Whiskey Dick, The Corrupt and Colton Disposal.Eric "Armpit" Dickensauge was a strong supporter of those bands but did not get into the musician part until when Vic offered to teach him how to play bass as a hobby after just being released from jail for assault and battery. That was how The Evil Boys were formed. That band eventually ran its course and faded away after countless rumbles and band initiated riots. They had been black listed all over the IE. Pit went to This Guns For Hire then to The Knuckas While Vic was lost in Alcoholism due to a troubled personal life. One year later Vic came back and joined Colton Disposal as a fill in for Goon who had some heart issues at the time. He played for them on and off for 3 years and decided to start his own projects. Brandon "The Skunk" Sullivan was a drunken disaster mentored by Vic into getting back into music cause he needed a drummer. That was short lived Brandon went on to play for the Knuckas for a Short time then all 3 members rejoined to form Section 242. We recruited Ed on drums through Colton Disposal in early 2012 and now all hell has broken loose with this hardcore punk sound.


VIC - Lead & Vocals
 SKUNK - Rythm
 PIT - Bass & Vocals
 ED - Drums


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