Friday, February 8, 2013

Underground Alliance from East Los Angeles

The Underground Alliance was formed in August 2007 by Tony "Voltage" in City Terrace of East Los Angeles. With his old high school friend Martin playing on guitar, they recruited Rooster Boy to play drums from a craigslist ad posted. With Tony on vocals and with lyrics he'd written years earlier between 2000-2002, they created the original sound of the band. They practiced in the living room of The Voltage House where they composed 12 original punk anthems.
This is the initial history of the Underground Alliance, with 18 songs in their set, they will be looking to finish their first album and play more live shows in any city in 2012 and beyond, for the next generation of punk rockers !
Tony "Voltage" - Vocals
        Ryan Rebel - Guitar
       Alf - Guitar
        Asmer - Bass
        Fernando - Drums

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